The ethos of the Music Department is to encourage pupils’ creativity, independence and self-confidence, with an emphasis on practical, holistic learning experiences. Music is a universal means of communication which belongs to every individual, with the power to promote the creative side of our pupils in a world which increasingly values individuals who are confident in this aspect. The department’s curriculum focuses on practical activities in developing our learners’ performance, composition and listening skills. There are many opportunities to collaborate with peers and also to develop their musical ability independently, while pursuing a personal, musical interest in lessons. Themes we follow in the department include a wide range of musical styles, including traditional African music, Welsh music, musical stereotypes, the Blues, the Gamelan, music for the screen, and we also offer our learners the opportunity to perform live in front of their peers at the Battle of the Bands during the summer term. We work closely with the other Expressive Arts departments, with the philosophy of the New Curriculum for Wales informing the work of the Area of Learning and Experience. Specifically in Music, the main aims are to recognize that:

  • exploration of the expressive arts is essential to deepening artistic skills and knowledge, and enables learners to become curious and creative individuals
  • responding and reflecting, both as an artist and as an audience, is an essential part of expressive arts learning;
  • creation combines skills and knowledge, drawing on the senses, inspiration and imagination.