The Social Sciences department includes 3 subjects within the curriculum; Sociology, Psychology, and Health and Social Care, and Child Care. The three topics focus on the study of society and people, how people behave and influence the world around us, as well as the influences on human development and health.

Health and Social Cate and Child Care:

A study and understanding of different types of health, and how our health affects our wellbeing. Today, there is a better understanding of physical health, there is an improvement in understanding of mental health. But health also encompasses our emotional, social and spiritual state. An aspect of the specification looks at how health care and social care are provided in a holistic way.


It is a study and understanding of society, and its effect on individuals and human behaviour. The specification includes Sociological theories, and pupils will learn about different Sociologists and their beliefs. Pupils also study different research methods in this field.


Psychology is the study and understanding of human beings and how people think, behave and feel. The department focuses on developing pupils’ evaluative and analogy skills, providing opportunities for them to apply the knowledge of Psychology theories in a real-life context, applying to crime, mental health, education and research as examples.