From the world of theatre to Twitter, language and literature are everywhere. Our objective in the English Departrnent is to open our pupils’ eyes to the world around us and encourage them to question, analyze and appreciate what we all see, hear and read on a daily basis. By studying a wide range of stimulating themes and topics, from the classics to the contemporary, our aim is to develop confident, open-minded, creative and independent learners and nurture their creativity and imagination, while supporting their individual needs.

Our pupils will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of forms and styles and experience a range of stimulating literary genres, including novels, short stories, micro-fiction, graphic novels, plays, poetry and non-fiction writing. Furthermore we offer pupils opportunities to use technology to work and interact with each other, and to produce inventive digital works such as podcasts, broadcasts, adverts and short films.

Thus, pupils will learn how to frame what they study within a modern, global context that is relevant to their lives, building strong communication skills to help them face the challenges of the future.