It is the responsibility of all who form part of Teulu Llanhari, the Family of Llanhari – every pupil, with the support of parents and teachers, to try to ensure an atmosphere and ethos that is pleasant, safe and well organised in order that all pupils receive a complete education.

This forms the basis of our discipline and expectations at the school.

Every pupil has the right to receive his or her education in a pleasant, safe and well organised atmosphere. It is also the responsibility of every pupil to ensure that he or she does not deny any other pupil this right. In addition, teachers and ancillary staff – clerical, technical, kitchen staff and cleaners – have the right to expect a pleasant and orderly environment so that they can work effectively. In the school community everyone is valued and respected.

Good behaviour is rewarded at Ysgol Llanhari and we have clear guidelines for expectations and the consequences of non compliance.  Bullying is not tolerated in any form at Ysgol Llanhari; due to our excellent pupil: teacher ratio and our robust pastoral systems, any instances are easily identified and swiftly dealt with. Exclusion rates at Ysgol Llanhari are extremely low, reflecting the high expectations and the organised community we nurture at our school.

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