Ysgol Llanhari aims high in all aspects of school life and strives to raise standards continually.

It is a well proven fact that a child must feel happy and safe in school to thrive academically and socially. Therefore, one of our main aims is to create a caring, supportive ethos where each person is valued as an individual. A core part of maintaining this happy and safe environment, is our school’s well-established system of support and care.

Every teacher in the school has a responsibility for the care and wellbeing of pupils as well as maintaining attainment standards.  Each pupil has a particular teacher who is responsible for promoting his/her wellbeing and development as an individual within the school. In the primary department, this is part of the class teacher’s role.

In the secondary department, the Personal Tutor is the main contact for pupils, supported by the Attainment Standards Leader who will liaise with parents and other members of staff to ensure the wellbeing of the child. Their work and that of the Primary Department teachers is supported further by the Teaching Assistants, the Pupil Mentoring Co-ordinator, the Leadership Team and the Headteacher.

Ysgol Llanhari sets great importance and value on a close and open partnership between school and home. This special relationship is a crucial factor in each pupil’s success and provides a firm foundation and strong support to the individual’s educational, social and emotional development and progress.

Educational and Social Inclusion

Our inclusion policy ensures that every pupil can access the curriculum, with support where necessary, be that academically or emotionally. We aim to create a climate of success by acknowledging and praising the individual pupil’s effort. Varied and differentiated schemes of work, teaching materials, learning experiences and methods meet the needs of every pupil. Extended and enrichment experiences are provided for the More Able and talented pupils.

We are committed to ensuring no pupil is disadvantaged due to disability. The Additional Learning Needs Co-Ordinator and the Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and Wellbeing work closely with parents to ensure all pupils can participate in the school curriculum.