Our pupils begin their 3-19 journey in the Primary Department where they receive the care and guidance needed to give them the confidence and ambition to progress educationally as well as develop into ethical, creative individuals.

At Ysgol Llanhari, we aim to create a happy and safe environment where every child feels valued and enjoys coming to school every day to learn and grow. We have a very dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff who work diligently to provide our pupils with enriching experiences both inside and outside the classroom. By year 6, our pupils are ready to progress into the secondary department.

The secondary department is the natural next step for the pupils. In year 7, other pupils from the cluster schools join the pupils from Llanhari’s primary department. Pupils are placed in registration classes where they have the opportunity to learn and socialise with pupils from other schools in the cluster. The pupils will be members of Teulu Llanhari for the next five years until they sit their external exams. We are proud of our high standards and the opportunity given in year 11 for every pupil to reach their potential at the end of their statutory educational journey. We have a thriving sixth form and encourage year 11 pupils to continue their sixth form education at Llanhari. During their final two years they are taught by enthusiastic and innovative teachers and have the opportunity to excel in their chosen subjects before continuing to University or the world of work.

The relationship between school and home is very important to us. We are proud of the welcoming atmosphere that parents, carers, friends and community members come across when they visit us. We have an open door policy that encourages our pupils’ families to feel welcome and at home in school and part of a family that continues to strive for improvement and growth.