The Hafan:

The purpose of the Hafan in the Secondary Department is to provide a quiet setting for pupils with social and emotional needs and provide support that is needed to remove any barriers to learning. Two teaching assistants are available to assist pupils and offer one-to-one sessions such as PERMA and ELSA. The Hafan is open at break and lunch times for pupils who need a quiet place to chat. There are activities and clubs held there, for example YEPS clubs. Yr Hafan staff work closely with the Assistant Head of Wellbeing and Inclusion, the Attainment Standards Leaders and the Wellbeing Co-ordinator to ensure that all pupils receive the support they need.

The Wellbeing Co-ordinator’s role

The Wellbeing co-ordinator offers one to one support for pupils. The co-ordinator listens to pupils in a non-judgemental confidential way, within safeguarding guidelines, and is involved with the care and support of pupils and adults. The wellbeing co-ordinator acts as a bridge to identify need and links to further support. She has valuable information to identify options for support and is able to refer to specialist agencies whist coordinating approaches to help pupils achieve their potential. Direct support work is also undertaken with parents. The wellbeing co-ordinator works with pupils across the school and plans support to develop self – confidence, esteem and skills to achieve pupil potential. Promoting the wellbeing of all pupils including young carers and vulnerable pupils is an essential part of the role as well as is supporting whole school strategies to ensure attendance, personal progress and achievement.

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Pupils in the primary and secondary departments receive specialist literacy and numeracy support with Learning Support Assistants who are trained to run “Catch Up” interventions. The sessions are run for individuals or for groups. The Learning support assistants also attend lessons to support some individuals.

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